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Homoeopathy is rapidly getting popularized in our country with 4 - 5 % of our total population switching over to this system every year for their initial health check – up which was not so earlier, instead considered it as a last means of choice. As a part of ongoing expansion of our mission, we at NEOCLASSICS HOMOEOPATHY, A MULTI SPECIALITY CLINIC, with its base in Manjeri, Malappuram dist, Kerala is already open to the public and has begun functioning in Chennai, Ernakulam, Srivilliputtur & Trichy.

We at NEOCLASSICS HOMOEOPATHY are delighted to offer you total treatment solution for a number of chronic diseases from most caring and experienced hands.



I have just completed my 60yrs, 6 months ago. I had a long term complaint of allergy... V.S.SHANMUGANATHAN, CHENNAI

My mother was suffering from migraine from her early 40’s.When the pain develops... S.CHELLAMMAL, CHENNAI



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Hope you are keeping fine and healthy. I will be, as a Doctor deemed to know that u will be ‘FINE’ being HEALTHY...


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