Felt better, conversation was satisfactory, Good diagnosis..! Had taken one dosage so far. Thank you Dr.Sundar.- Thasinfouzia

Great and friendly doctor who had spent sufficient time to know the basic of the problem. Patience enough to listen to us and to give suggestions. - Saravanakumar rajagopal

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction.He is very gentle.patiently listening to all Queries and giving solution. Giving mental strength. Feeling better after talking to him. - Lavanya

Treatment is good and lots of improvement. i dont see much absyss formation....pain is also reducing....hope this treatment will give a complete cure. - Raju Tamang

Fast diagnosing and simple treatment. I haven't found the reason for my allergy for so long.Good doctor. - Abinaya

Visited for Allergic Rhinitis Treatment for psoriasis, am feeling good getting treated never expected this diseases could get cured. - Venkatesh Raju

Visited for Skin Care The Dr spent a good time to understand the issue and his diagnosis was good. The medication proved its worth within 3 days itself and I feel much better now. - NISHANT

Visited for Anxiety And Depression Doctor has diagnosed my problem very well. I got very good results. I like his approach very much. I was cured by him soon.- VISHWA KUMAR

Visited for Arthritis (Acute &Chronic) Experienced and friendly doctor who hears patiencely to the patient and his diagnosis looks perfect.-Rajanikant Sharma

Happy with Explanation of the health issue Very nice & flexible towards decision making by giving clear info abt the treatment possibilities. Hence taking trial of medicines made possible.- Sairam

I have just completed my 60yrs, 6 months ago. I had a long term complaint of allergy (i.e.) running nose, frequent bouts of sneezing, watering and itching of eyes when exposed to various air pollutions. Few dosages of Homoeopathic medicine taken in, has relieved me of my lifetime allergic compliants.Thanks to the practicing team of doctors in Neoclassics Homoeopathy. - V.S.Shanmuganathan, chennai.

My mother was suffering from migraine from her early 40’s.When the pain develops; she became restless and scolded people around her. It was in our heriditory,that I too developed migraine in my late 40’s and was suffering for a quite long period, especially during my menopause span. My awareness towards Homoeopathic medicine pushed me to undergo a short term treatment for migraine and lower back ache, which is common in middle aged women. This treatment has proved success from my ill being and now iam totally free from migraine and lower back ache. - S.Chellammal, Chennai.

Every winter season was a nightmare to me, as I developed difficulty in breathing and heavy weight in chest, due to Asthma. Frequent usage of deriphyllin and puffing up, supported me to continue my duties as a student. Seven years back started taking homoeo medicines and as on date, I am free from all asthmatic complaints, which usually aggravates in winter & dusty summer. Recurrence & intensity of my complaints are reduced very much & bearable health condition during chilly weather is a proved wonder of Homoeopathic medicine. - S.Subathra, Chennai.

Iam undergoing treatment for wheezing and Psoriasis. Invariably every year, due to this problem I will be bedridden for nearly a month. Since taking Homoeopathy medicine my psoriasis is completely cured and wheezing problem is under control. I extend my gratitude to the doctors in Neoclassics Homoeopathy for making my life better. - S.Balasubramanian, Hosur

3yrs ago I was victim of chikun gunya with raised temperature & shivering, within a week’s time all my joints developed severe pain & was unable to close my palm. Was only able to limp inside the house. I was treated with homoeo medicines for 2-3 days. To a great surprise my temperature fell & was able to walk & use my hands within 10 days. Usage of Indian toilet was also not a problem to me. Thanks to the wonderful medicine prescribed to me. Few of my friends who suffered the same during the same period were prescribed with other school of medicine they still are not able to freely sit down on the floor. I should certainly thank & be grateful to the homoeo medicine which has recouped my health very soon.- Mala Jagadheesh, Chennai.

One fine morning around 4am i developed severe stomach ache with complete sweating & vomiting sensation. I was totally drenched in sweat & was rushed to Homoeo physician’s house. I was given a single dose of medicine & allowed to rest. Within an hour or so my stomach ache completely subsided & never got it again. The so-called “Slow medicine” has cured me so quick within an hour. Hats off to the Homoeopathy medicine & the doctors of Neoclassics Homoeopathy. - Mala Jagadheesh, Chennai.

I am a housewife. I live in Bangalore. I have the problem of wheezing since my childhood, I am using inhaler if needed. And recently I have got piles problem too. After consulting the Doctor, for the past 6 months, I am using this medicine, and now I am recovering. Even after stopping the medicine, I have not experienced any discomfort; I can do all my work now. Thanks a lot to Neoclassic Homoeopathy. - Vijay Vani, Bangalore.

I was suffering from repeated throat infection & piles. I have taken Homoeopathic medicine for six months now iam ok so I will recommend the doctor to my friends and my neighbours. - Suresh, Chennai.

Taken Homoeopathy treatment from Dr C.Sundara Alagappan for dry cough and cold. After four sittings the ailment has been cured to our complete satisfaction. - Meera Krishnamoorthy, Chennai.

Good. I didn't get a solution for my stomach pain with Allopathic treatment even they couldn’t diagnose. One of my friends suggested this clinic to me. Once got into this treatment very soon I found a positive recovery. Felt very happy about it. Thanks to the doctor. Pls continue your services. Well done! - Easweri, Chennai.

I had a skin problem.It was a great experience for me. I saw a real change on my face and hand. By taking Homoeopathic treatment here iam completely cured without any side effects. - Esther Rani, Chennai.